Total immersion, 300kmph, and bamboo flavoured poo.
Following the visit to Malong, the next big event that
Celebrity Status!
The day that everyone had been eagerly anticipating rolled around
A Welcoming Ceremony, getting more fibre, another museum, and some dancing.
As mentioned in a previous post, the days here are
A school visit, a trip to the Yellow Crane Tower and a performance.
Here at HUST, the students are beyond spoiled. Sheltered from
Arrival, class and singing just about everywhere.
Sorry for the delay in updates! The trip so far
Hypersalinity and the Desert Fortress
Just as many people incorrectly assume that indigenous populations of
The Camel Jockey, Baptism and some Dead Scrolls
In the interests of self-preservation in the face of youthful
The Nazi Hunter and a Trip to Bethlehem.
By and large, there is always an adventurous sentiment attached