Hypersalinity and the Desert Fortress
Just as many people incorrectly assume that indigenous populations of
The Camel Jockey, Baptism and some Dead Scrolls
In the interests of self-preservation in the face of youthful
The Nazi Hunter and a Trip to Bethlehem.
By and large, there is always an adventurous sentiment attached
Surviving Extermination
Throughout Europe in the 1940s, the complete annihilation of European
Dealing with the Holocaust
Dealing with the Holocaust has always been a numbers game
Independence, Fighting Fit and Peanut Butter
The start of our day began with a trip to
In the Footsteps of JC.
A walk in Jesus’ footsteps but with the advantage of
Shabbat and the Old City
On Friday morning I woke and trotted off to the
Antisemitism, A Very Quick Trip Through Time.
For the Jewish people throughout history, violence, oppression and mistreatment